Shipping terms

Delivery within Germany


 In the following table you find the shipping costs for your delivery within Germany:


product groupVAT.Commercial customers
(excl. VAT)
Private customers
(incl. VAT)
Seeds and books7 %3,95 €4,23 €
Plant material
(in each case for onion sets, garlic, penonies, flower bulbs)
7 %5,55 €5,94 €
(Stick for replanting, “Jätefaust”, CD)
19 %3,95 €4,70 €


Partial deliveries

Where there is a partial delivery (items with different shipping times within the product group of seeds), only one delivery charge will be levied within Germany. But you can still select in the checkout of the ordering process, if the seeds can send together, at the later delivery time.

If you order products from the product group of plant material, the shipping costs have to be paid in any case. Every single order of plant material gets separately charged, due to the different delivery times (as an exception: onion sets can be shipped together with garlic).  

For deliveries outside Germany, we have to charge the shipping costs for each delivery, as long as you want the seeds at the earliest possible time. Otherwise we send the seeds together for the later delivery time, with one-time costs, as soon as all items are ready to ship. In the checkout-proces you can select, if you want a partial delivery or not.  

During the checkout in your ordering process, you will see the exact costs.



If you want to order again products from an old order, you have to pay again the delivery charge.

Delivery abroad

  1. We deliver only to private customers within the EU Countries and the EFTA countries (Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, Switzerland) and Vatican State.
  2. For orders abroad the actual cost of carriage is calculated. See below for a table of prices.
  3. Commercial customers within the EU are requested to provide their VAT number – without it no delivery is possible. If you do not possess one we request written confirmation of this.
  4. For deliveries to customers in the EU who have a VAT number we require acknowledgement of delivery. The order agreement requires customers to fill in and return the delivery confirmation form sent out with the order.
  5. Please make payments from abroad in Euros.
  6. Delivery charges will be indicated during the ordering process. You need to sign in since the costs are automatically set according to the delivery address. When you click on “checkout” in the “shopping cart”, the delivery charge based on the collective weight of the items and the delivery destination will appear in the cart.  
  7. The cost of packing is included within the delivery charge.
  8. Young plants, flower bulbs and peonies are not sent abroad.

Costs of delivery abroad

The following table shows the net cost of delivery to your country. The prices are valid for a package-weight for up to 20 kg. For an ordered weight from 20 to 40 kg, two packages were packed. So the delivery costs are twice as much calculated from the table. And so on. 


CountriesPackages with product-weights </= 0,8 kg and a value < 250 €

a) Packages with product-weights > 0,8 kg
b) Packages with a value > 250 € and product-weights </= 0,8 kg
excl. VATincl. VATexcl. VATincl. VAT
Countries within the EU7,50 €8,03 €17 €18,19 €
Belgium, Netherlands, Luxemburg5,55 €5,94 €15 €16,05 €
EFTA-countries (Norway, Switzerland...)7,50 €5,94 €28 €29,96 €


Note: If you have your delivery adress in another country, outside the EU, please contact us via email.