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Seed collection Slowflowergarden

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€717.18 /1 kg
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Set of 8 seed bags

The Slowflower-movement represents the sustainable, regional and seasonal cultivation of flowers for bouquets. In our opinion: The best slow flowers are flowers harvested in your own garden!
Even in a small space you can achieve wonderful results for beautiful bouquets.

For a perfect bunch of flowers it’s ideal to not only have big and impressive blooms but also accompanying flowers and filling. We have considered all of this in the composition of our themed gardens.

Sunflower Hella

  • A lot of small sunflowers
  • Lasts well in a vase
  • Cut diagonally when the first petals unfold


  • A beautiful mixture of pink and white flowers
  • Grows in any soil that isn’t too strongly fertilised
  • We recommend cutting them when the buds are showing colour but haven’t opened yet

Zinnea ‚Sommer in Orange‘

  • Wonderful, warm summer colours
  • Will flower until the first night time frost
  • Cut when they are fully flowering in order for them to last as long as possible in the vase

Snapdragon (tall mixture)

  • Beautiful mix of colours
  • Up to 60 cm tall
  • Will flower earlier if started in a greenhouse

Love in the mist

  • The elegant flowers and decorative seed capsules can both be used for bouquets
  • Cut the flowers when they are in full flower, the seed capsules can be used fresh or dried

Larkspur (mixed colours) 

  • The flowers stay nice and colourful when dried and are ideal for dried flower arrangements
  • Can also be sown in autumn
  • Cut when about a third of the flowers on a  spike are opened

Cinnamon basil

  • Very decorative plant with small, violet flowers
  • Beautiful smell
  • Can be used as fillers for flower arranging with or without flowers

Tall prairie grass ‚Fontaine‘

  • Decorative grass adds something special to any bouquet
  • The flower fronds look a little like small fountains
  • They can be harvested at almost every stage


One seed bag each:
Sunflower Hella: Portion for approx. 80 plants
Cosmea: Portion for approx. 50 plants
Zinnea ‚Sommer in Orange‘: Portion for approx. 50 plants
Snapdragon (tall mixture): Portion for approx. 750 plants
Love in the mist: Portion for approx. 200 plants
Larkspur (mixed colours): Portion for approx. 80 plants
Cinnamon basil: Portion for approx. 10 m²
Tall prairie grass ‚Fontaine‘: Portion for approx. 100 plants