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Varieties are part of our cultural heritage

All our varieties are open pollinated and some have been bred under biodynamic and in some cases organic conditions. We work closely therefore with Kultursaat e.V. und saat:gut e.V., the associations which breed, develop and maintain vegetable varieties using organic methods.  

How to recognise the origin of the varieties in the Online-Shop

Newly bred biodynamic varieties are shown with the (coloured) symbol of Kultursaat e.V. together with the name of the breeder.
Varieties for which Kultursaat is registered as the official maintainer (biodynamic maintenance breeding), are shown with the symmbol of Kultursaat in black and white and the text Kultursaat EHZ.


Where no breeder is given, the variety is one that is no longer protected but which members of the Biodynamic and Organic Vegetable Seed Initiative Group maintain.

Where maintenance breeding has been carried out on land certified as biodynamic, the acronym "b-d EHZ" is used, while for organic land the symbol "b-o EHZ" is used.


Information regarding origin can be found in the individual variety descriptions.

Here you find all varieties of Kultursaat e.V., which are at the assortement of the Bingenheimer Saatgut AG: Kultursaat varieties


Kultursaat e.V.

A charitable association is the key to a modern alternative approach to plant breeding

It soon became clear that apart from producing seed, the next step would be to breed varieties specifically for organic and biodynamic growing conditions.  The Kultursaat e.V. Association was therefore founded from within the Initiative Group in 1994. Many members of the Initiative Group joined the Association – some actively carried out breeding work as part of their horticultural enterprise, while others focused exclusively on seed production and supported the Association as passive members. The work of Kultursaat e.V. has meanwhile become very diverse: Variety development, variety maintenance, research breeding and promotional work demand a lot of awareness.  In complete contrast to the drive by the global corporations towards 'bio-patenting', the Association recognises the special value of the varieties and treats them as protected cultural assets for the whole of humanity. It is totally opposed to any private ownership of varieties / DNA sequences.

More about the work of Kultursaat can be found here