Technically prepared seed

Normal seed

The seed is cleaned and tested to meet all legal requirements as well as our own high quality standards.

Calibrated seed

The seed is sorted according to size (calibrated). We generally offer three sizes of seed S (small), M (medium) and L (large). The exact size indications are given in the variety section.

Precision seed

The seed has a higher germination capacity than normal seed. The minimum germination rate for precision seed is set according to variety. The indications are found in the variety section.

Seed Pellets

The seed is encased in a pellet (clay). This gives each seed the same size and form – very useful when planting seeds singly. The pellet is naturally made and completely free of all chemicals and meets the obligations  of EU-VO 834/2007.

Seed strips/plates/discs/tape

Seed is laid out at defined distances between two sheets of special paper. The size of the strips, plates, discs or tape is given alongside each item in the variety section.

Different technically prepared seeds