Checking the germination rate of my seeds

With the following search window we are enabling you to check the germination rate of the seeds you have bought. So long as that batch of seed is still in our store its germination rate will be regularly tested.

Enter into this window (_ _ _ _ _) the 5-6 digit batch number written on the back or on the label of the seed packet. (If it is calibrated or pelleted seed or relates to seed strips or discs the relevant letter (eg. S, M, L, E…) should be added after the 5-6 digit number). Please don't enter any letters in the case of fixed size packets.

Please note that the most up to date germination rate of any seed ordered directly from us is usually included on the packet. We guarantee this to be true at the time of posting.

Please enter the batch number printed on the back of the fixed size packets here:

Search Batch number


Having a batch number is a legal requirement. It allows us to trace the seed back to the producer without interuption. The letter at the beginning of of the batch number indicates the year in which the seed was packed.

Letter codes for the packing year:

L: 2016/2017
O: 2017/2018
R: 2018/2019
Z: 2019/2020
A: 2020/2021
G: 2021/2022
B: 2022/2023