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Seed collection easy vegetablegarden

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Set of 8 seed bags

You don’t have much time but still want to harvest fresh vegetables from your own garden? Do you want to garden with minimal effort or be able to leave your vegetable garden alone for a vacation? The level of maintenance required for a vegetable garden also depends on the choice of varieties. For the easy vegetable garden, we have put together a set of robust varieties for you. These varieties thrive without prior cultivation or a greenhouse, do not necessarily need protection from weather influences, and can usually survive a few days without irrigation during dry periods.

French Bean Marona

  • Particularly early, robust and undemanding variety
  • The large seeds are easy to lay out and germinate quickly
  • For a long harvest: from early May to mid-July, sow a few beans in rows or clusters every 14 days

Sugar pea Ambrosia

  • Sow from early March to early July. This variety doesn’t require support
  • Peas have low water requirements and do not need fertilization
  • Mangetout is consumed with its pods. There is no need for shelling

Zucchini Zuboda

  • Sow outdoors from mid-May to late June in nutrient-rich soil
  • Place two seeds in a hole 3 cm deep and later keep the strongest plant
  • Protect young plants from snails

Squash Sweet Dumpling

  • Sow from mid to late May in warm and nutrient-rich soil, which can also be a compost heap
  • Place two seeds per planting hole and later keep the strongest plant
  • If the vines grow too long, they can be trimmed

Red Russian Kale

  • Kale variety with dual purpose: can be harvested early as baby leaf salad or matured as kale vegetable
  • Sow outdoors from early April to late July
  • The delicate leaves of Red Russian Kale have a fine, mild flavor

Turnip Blanc globe à collet violet

  • Fast-growing, uncomplicated vegetable for the hobby garden
  • Long cultivation period from mid-March to mid-August
  • Turnips with a tender texture have a mild flavor and are especially suitable for raw consumption

Radish Eiszapfen

  • Robust variety that grows quickly while remaining tender and mild
  • Radishes are excellent gap fillers and require only 20-30 days until harvest
  • If the harvest doesn’t happen on time, the young seed pods can be prepared in the pan as a flavorful vegetable

Rocket Ruca

  • Classic salad plant with a cress-nutty flavor
  • Develops quickly. For continuous fresh rocket harvest, sow every three weeks starting from April
  • Thrives in all soils



One seed bag each:
French Bean Marona: Portion sufficient for approx. 50 plants
Sugar pea Ambrosia: Portion sufficient for approx. 100 plants
Zucchini Zuboda: Portion sufficient for approx. 10 plants
Squash Sweet Dumpling: Portion sufficient for approx. 7 plants
Red Russian Kale: Portion sufficient for approx. 80 plants
Turnip Blanc globe à collet violet: Portion sufficient for approx. 550 plants
Radish Eiszapfen: Portion sufficient for approx. 450 plants
Rocket Ruca: Portion sufficient for approx. 10 m²