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Seed collection shade garden

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€479.81 /1 kg
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Set of 8 seed bags

To grow, flower and fruit plants you need one thing especially: Light! But what happens if the garden isn’t bathed in light? No problem. Cultivating vegetables is also possible in half-shade or the light shadow cast by high trees. Many varieties are fine with less light and gardeners working in the shade are ok with the harvest time being a little later than in sunny areas and having a little less produce in their harvest basket.

Beetroot Jannis

  • Especially mild
  • Well suited as a raw food
  • The tubers are a little smaller when they are planted in half-shade but more aromatic

Broccoli Rasmus

  • Produces side arms after the main flower ist harvested
  • High nutrient-demanding. Needs water and fertiliser regularly
  • Mild aromatic taste

Green headed lettuce

  • Doesn’t shoot as fast in shade
  • The leaves get thicker
  • The heads are nice looking and medium sized

Kohlrabi Fridolin

  • Grows well in half-shade if water and nutrients are sufficient
  • Doesn’t grow well when the temperatures are too high
  • Aromatic taste and pleasantly crunchy

Radish Sora

  • Grows more slowly in shaded areas but becomes more aromatic and zesty
  • Remains crisp and tender for a long time

Spinach beet Verde da taglio

  • Cut 2-3 cm above the ground and it will regrow
  • Tasty in salads
  • Cook the leaves when they are fully grown

Parsley Grüne Perle 

  • Decorative
  • Productive
  • Can be grown in pots

Nasturtium (trailing)

  • Undemanding with regards to soil and site
  • Leaves and flowers are edible
  • Lovely in herb butter or salad


One seed bag each:
Beetroot Jannis: portion for approx. 150 plants
Broccoli Rasmus: portion for approx. 30 plants
Green headed lettuce: Portion for approx. 100 plants
Kohlrabi Fridolin: portion for approx. 40 plants
Radish Sora: portion for approx. 500 plants
Verde da taglio: portion for approx. 200 plants
Parsley Grüne Perle: portion for approx. 4 m²
Nasturtium: Portion for approx. 20 plants