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Urban Gardening Box

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€1,179.35 /1 kg
€1,179.35 /1 kg
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delivery period: about 3 working days i

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Growing and harvesting crisp, fresh vegetables yourself without a garden? Sounds too good to be true, but it is possible! The vegetables included are particularly suitable for growing in small spaces and are easy to cultivate. Whether in a raised bed or in a pot on the balcony, with the tips and seed packets included, there is nothing standing in the way of your first steps as a vegetable gardener.


Tipps zum Säen, Gießen und Genießen
Jeweils ein Samentütchen:
Radis Sora: 7 g reicht für ca. 500 Pfl.
Salat Red Salad Bowl: 0,2 g reicht für ca. 120 Pfl.
Tomate Bogus Fruchta: reicht für ca. 15 Pfl.
Mangold Rainbow: 2 g reicht für ca. 80 Pfl.
großblättriger Basilikum: 1 g reicht für ca. 10 m²

Radieschen, Salat, Mangold: ab Mai
Tomate, Basilikum: ab Juni