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Philamina (AS)

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Philamina (AS) Z736
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Sturdy outdoor tomato with attractive, small, firm and well-coloured fruits. They have firm and attractive sepals, easy to harvest. Store for a long time. The plants are pretty to look, begin cropping early and continue for a long period. Very resistant to splitting. Extremely good taste. Speciality for amateur gardeners. (AS)


Shape of fruit: roundType: cherry tomatoColour: redFruit weight: 12 gRipening: earlyGrowing situation: open ground


Seed germination temperature: 20-24 °CPlanting distance: In double rows 75 x 40 cm to 75 x 60 cm under glass, 100 x 50 cm between plants outsideOptimal amount of plants: 2-3 plants/m²


Multiplier: Gärtnerei der Lebensgemeinschaft Bingenheim, Gärtnerei QuerbeetBreeder: C. MatthesCerifications: Demeter