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Seed collection herbal garden 'Grüne Soße'

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€207.27 /1 kg
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Set of 7 seed bags

You are a fan of the popular Green Sauce “Frankfurter Grüne Soße” and want to harvest fresh, aromatic herbs from your own garden? Then this collection provides the perfect seed set for you. The seven herbs for the classic "Grie Soß" can be easily grown in the vegetable or raised bed. All herbs are also suitable as salad herbs for colourful summer salads.


  • Annual herb also known as cucumber herb
  • Classic salad herb that can be harvested throughout the summer
  • Decorative plant in the vegetable bed and popular bee pasture


  • Annual culinary herb with a delicate anise aroma
  • The young leaves are harvested before flowering
  • Requires a rather moist location and also grows well in partial shade

French Sorrel

  • The French sorrel is a perennial and undemanding herb
  • If the flower stems are regularly removed, it can be harvested all year round
  • Sorrel loves moist, nutrient-rich soils and thrives best in partial shade


  • Perennial and undemanding herbaceous plant
  • The plant requires only few nutrients
  • Burnet is spicy, subtly nutty with a slight cucumber aroma and tastes excellent in cream cheese as well as herb quark

Chive Schmitt

  • Perennial and easy to care for, but requires a good supply of water
  • Since chives initially grow slowly, it's better to pre-cultivate them
  • The more the chive is cut, the stronger it grows

Cress with large leaves/Großblättrige Kresse

  • Annual, fast-growing, broad-leaved variety for a lush harvest
  • Doesn't need its own fertilization, but requires good watering, otherwise the plants quickly start flowering
  • Ready for harvest in the garden after 2-3 weeks of sowing

Curled Parsley Mooskrause 2

  • Biennial culinary herb with finely curled leaves
  • Best to pre-cultivate from February on a warm windowsill, as the plants take up to three weeks to germinate
  • If the heart of the plant remains intact during harvesting, parsley can be cut almost all year round



One seed bag each:
Borage: Portion sufficient for approx. 10 m²
Chervil: Portion sufficient for approx. 3 m²
French sorrel: Portion sufficient for approx. 20 m²
Burnet: Portion sufficient for approx. 10 m²
Chive Schmitt: Portion sufficient for approx. 10 m²
Großblättrige Kresse: Portion sufficient for approx. 5 m²
Petersilie Mooskrause 2: Portion sufficient for approx. 4 m²