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Seed collection raised bed

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Set of 8 seed bags

Raised beds have become more and more popular in recent years and for good reason: It is very comfortable to work on them, they are easy to care for and can be set up anywhere, wether you have a garden or not. For many people a raised bed ist he entry into gardening. In the following list you will find varieties that are easy to manage and provide full harvest baskets for novices as well as experts.

Kohlrabi Azur Star

  • blue, tender Kohlrabi, which doesn’t tend to become woody
  • long planting time from March until August

Radish Rudi

  • burst-resistent variety
  • great for filling gaps
  • can be sown from March until September 

Beetroot Robuschka

  • great for a raised bed, as they love permeable, loose soils
  • fruity taste

Ruca (Rocket)

  • grows very fast 
  • can be newly sown until autumn
  • lovely nutty, slightly sharp taste

Picking salad -Variation

  • colourful mix oft the oak lettuces Red Salad Bowl, Piro und Bijella
  • decorative, with flexible planting times
  • harvest the outer leaves and let the heart oft he plant remain for it to regrow

Spinach Butterflay

  • grows quickly and shoots late 
  • robust und resistant against mildew 
  • can also be used as winter spinach

Dwarf bush tomato Bogus Fruchta

  • ideal for raised beds because of it’s small size (up to 65 cm) 
  • no need to pinch out side shoots 
  • should be supported with a stake
  • fruity and sweet taste

Nasturtium (trailing)

  • very decorative for raised beds, as it grows over the sides
  • pretty and useful: Flowers, leaves and even the unripe seeds are edible


One seed bag each:
Kohlrabi Azur Star: Portion for approx. 50 plants
Radish Rudi: portion for approx. 450 plants
Beetroot Robuschka: portion for approx. 180 plants
Ruca (Rocket): Portion for approx. 10 m²
Picking salad-Variation: portion for approx. 120 plants
Spinach Butterflay: portion for approx. 10 m²
Dwarf bush tomato Bogus Fruchta: portion for approx. 15 plants
Nasturtium (trailing): portion for approx. 20 plants